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(from 15th to 18th May 2024)

Pavillon / HALL 12- Stand K19
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As mentioned in our previous article, 2024 will be a turning point in technology for vending machines and we have some interesting innovations. 

Let’s discover just a few of them in the following paragraphs: 


1.New Acquamat’s graphics

Our Acquamat model is changing its look after several years.

We ‘ll supply it with an ice white coluor with a gray frame instead of the traditional sea blue  to give it chromatically in line with the classic vending machines to which the model is usually put besides.


The white graphics also make it adaptable to any setting.


Thanks to decades of experience, the menu has also been modified, making it more intuitive through clear and precise graphics and instructions.


The functionality, which has always received positive feedback from our customers, remains the same.


We would like to remind you that this vending machine was pioneered, in 2011, of a sustainability and environmental awareness through the reduction of the use of plastic in our daily lives. 

2.Touch screen models

Multisensory experiences are becoming increasingly important in the interaction process between the end user and the vending machine.


For this reason we have renewed the touch screen of our standard vending machines opting for a model with a better resolution in order to guarantee an experience closer to reality to the end customer. 


Indeed many customers, during dispensing drinks or stand-by the screen, insert real videos, advertising or otherwise, in order to entertain the user between the drink selection and supplying it. 


3. Venditalia 2024: new products on the way 

In view of the Venditalia trade fair in May, we are developing new models that will positively impress our current and potential customers. 


Here is just a hint of what will be new at this edition: 


  • Fresh milk models with a new milk circuit system and design. d innovative design Thanks to the latest generation of touch screens and glass that frames them the machines look more elegant and modern.


  • New capacitive keyboard: we install it on an existing model that has the standard touch screen. In this way the table top machine will be accessible to customers with smaller budgets.


  • Development of a table-top protein machine in thanks to the system already tried and tested in our freestanding models it  dispenses protein drink. 


  • New fully automatic table top model, to supply Turkish coffee according to the traditional method.

If you want to know more, stay tuned with all our news.