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The wide range of Flymax custom vending machines isn’t mass- produced, but it meets with every customer’s request.

Every customer is taken care as if he were the only one, following his forma mentis and trying to satisfy his desires with personalised products that fit different market requests.
Indeed, one of our biggest challenges is the creation of unique and innovative products.

For over twenty-five years Flymax has been at the customer’s service and as a result it will be your successful choice for the future!



NEW Personalized machine for 7/11 stores chain.



With water micro- filtered from bacteria and 2 soluble powder products


Born for the gym

Machine for protein drinks in powder


Easy protein

Machine for protein drinks in powder


F3 New prestige

Semi automatic machine with personalized door front panel and base cabinet


F300 Tea

Automatic machine for green tea and infusion drinks in leaves.



Automatic machine for a totally traditional Turkish coffee

Custom vending machines production

If you are looking for a company for which the customisation is one of its highlights, you can’t avoid choosing Flymax.

Indeed, for over 25 years Flymax has been planning and producing vending machines for every customer’s request so that Flymax customers can have their own personalised custom vending machines.

Every customer’s request turns into a challenge for Flymax for which the main goal is the customer’s satisfaction from all points of views (aesthetic, functional and economic)

Features of custom vending machines

The range of Flymax custom vending machines is characterised by different models according to the different customers ' requests. 

One of the main points to take into consideration is the customer’s economic budget that is how much he can afford to invest.

As a consequence, Flymax always tries to adapt its own standard models to the customer’s request in order to reduce the costs.

Flymax always tries to meet with its customers’ requests and ideas, from the logo change on the keyboard to its complete change. As a consequence, the customers feel themselves treated as they were unique.

Different models of custom vending machines

Flymax considers every customer as if he were unique since his own ideas are unique.

Thanks to the customers’ different ideas Flymax has been able to develop different custom vending machines.

Using the standard models as a starting point, Flymax has always been able to adapt them to the customers’ requests trying to find solutions able to keep the prices low.

Some of the custom vending machines  that have been developed thanks to the synergy between Flymax and their customers are as follows:

Models for the water supply in different ways (from the cup or half a litre bottle to the Spanish gallon)

Models for the supply of protein products in powder that are developed and adapted to the product typology

A model for the supply of tea in leaves drinks where the brewer unit without the grinding unit has been modified to grant a perfect infusion of the drink

A model for the supply of Turkish coffee developed following the traditional standards for the supply of such a drink.

Price for custom vending machines: ask for a quotation

Do you want any of your ideas to come true? Call or write us an e mail, we will be glad to help you to carry out your projects!


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