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One of Flymax’s tecnology is the automatic test bench by which all the electrical safety can be measured. The mesurements are made before shipping the automatic machines to the customers.

In particolar:
1. Earth continuity test
2. Insulation test
3. Dielectric strength test
4. Leakage current test in ground fault condition.
5. ISOLATED power supply voltage


The pre-heated infusion chamber, the automatic compensation for greater or smaller quantities of ground coffee, and the formation of a water space between ground coffee and presser before the supply, thus preventing preferential outlets for the ground coffee, guarantee an excellent espresso coffee since its very first use and at any moment of the day.


Espresso group

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Just a USB key to upload and download the data from your machine and to update the microprocessor data.

Telemetry system

You do not need your PC anymore to update your machine software and to upload and download its data.