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Technical information

microprocessor electronic board
24vdc devices
all functions are programmable directly from the keyboard
main water connection
drinking treated and sparkling water as for Leg. Dec. no. 31/2001 and no. 181/2003
maintenance advice through Software control with machine stop (programmable interval)
micro filtrated and UV sterilized water

See setup

interface for any payment system: parallel, executive and mdb
easy to use, very good to drink
safe water, you know what you drink
not conserved, but produced immediately
drinking treated and sparkling water supplied immediately
good, fresh, healthy, with the characteristic of the origin
economic, responsible and world friendly

LCD display

structure varnished with epoxy-powder
personalized drink menu

16 selections
supply capacity: approx. 30/40 l/h
standard configuration: manual, automatic cup, 500cc ,1000cc
water type: sparkling, lightly sparkling, still (chilly), still

power: 600w
weight: 115Kg
dimensions: L58.5 X H172 X P57
voltage: 230v-50hz

payment system
bigger chilly unit up to 70 l/h
Kit soluble (2 products)

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