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One of the biggest questions our customers have is how to set up a refreshment area in an accommodation facility.

By accommodation we don't just mean the hotel or holiday village itself, but also public areas, companies, offices, shops, restaurants and many other spaces. 

The first things we advise you to evaluate for your refreshment  area are the following: 

  • availability of space: in order to be able to choose the vending machine that best suits  you in terms of size;

  • end customers: in order to choose a professional coffee machine that can meet their needs both in terms of the product dispensed and in terms of aesthetics and functionality; 

  • commercial agreement: usually the commercial conditions and budget to be used are agreed with the owner of the structure.

Here below are some examples of refreshment areas that can be created with our vending machines.


1. Refreshment area for companies 

Within a company it is possible to create refreshment areas in different areas, be they production and/or offices.

Depending on the size of the office and/or production area it is possible to install different types of vending machines, here are the ones we recommend:

  • Treated water vending machine: to provide your employees with fresh, healthy and environmentally friendly water. The staff can choose whether to use their own water bottle and/or glass or to take the glass directly from the machine;
  • Hot drink vending machine: to enjoy a break by choosing between different types of drinks: from the classic and traditional espresso coffee, to chocolate rather than tea, ginseng or barley. Depending on the number of users, Flymax offers a model with 450 cups and paddles, or one with F600.

If the size of the office and/or of the production area is small, Flymax offers its entire Ho.Re.Ca. line, in which we can find professional coffee machines that can be used with capsules or pods or ground coffee.


2. Hotel breakfast area 

In hotels, the refreshment area is usually identified with the so-called "breakfast room" where customers can either help themselves, or be served by the operator himself who, depending on the need, dispenses the chosen drink.

The decision is an operational one and each hotel chooses according to the type and quality of service it wants to offer. 

Regardless of how the service is used, the coffee machines that in our opinion are best suited to this function are: 

  • Coffee machine with fresh milk: the installation is typical of table tops and, in addition to the traditional coffee produced with the Flymax espresso group and its soluble products, this vending machine is able to dispense a cappuccino using fresh milk to offer its customers the experience of a typical Italian breakfast like at the bar. In addition to the basic model, it is also possible to choose a more professional type of coffee machine that has both 2 coffee hoppers, in which it is possible to put two different coffee blends (e.g. espresso and deca), and the possibility of producing cappuccino either automatically, through its automatic frother, or manually using the steam arm.  This model, because of its unique features, is called Flymax, La Regina
  • Automatic juice machine: for a breakfast that respects, Flymax recommends to its customers to place side by side to the coffee machine with fresh milk, also a machine for the dispensing of juices in order to offer to the hotelier the perfect combination for the customers’ needs. 

Up to 3 bag-in-boxes can be placed inside the machine and the mixing system with peristaltic pumps guarantees an excellent result in the glass.


3. Refreshment area inside gyms 

Nowadays, attention to aesthetics and the well-being of the body has become increasingly important, and gyms, especially pre-pandemic ones, have seen an increase in their number of users.

Today, facilities are slowly recovering and, in order to offer a better service, we recommend installing the following in addition to the classic snack machines: 

Automatic vending machines for treated water: we believe it can be fundamental, especially to create a community concept, to offer end users the possibility of having their own personalized water bottle, perhaps with the gym's logo, which they can use to draw both treated water and energy drinks. Flymax's Acuaqmat model includes a soluble kit that allows managers to add powdered energy drinks, which are increasingly used in gyms.

Protein vending machine: this can be combined with the energy drink vending machine to offer the end user products in line with the classic 'sportsman's diet'.Starting from the concept of a soluble products vending machine, Flymax has developed this custom model, adapting it to the type of protein powder used by the operator.

It is important to emphasize that the end customer inserts his own water bottle and/or glass and the drink that is dispensed is ready to be consumed according to the predefined doses. 

Vending machine for tea and tea in leves:  widely used, especially in facilities that also have a "wellness area". The concept is that of health by using herbal teas that are not soluble, but in leaf form. 

The extraction of the drink inside the vending machine takes place according to the principle of infusion through the use of the body of the espresso group.

In this way, the operator is sure to offer his end customer a quality drink in line with today's much sought-after standards of wellbeing and health. 


5. Flymax, the best choice for your catering area 

The above are just a few of the ideas that we at Flymax offer to our manager clients based on the needs of their end customers (hoteliers, owners of accommodation facilities etc.). 

Whatever your need Flymax has the solution for you!!! 

Contact us to find out which vending machines best meet your needs and create with us the most suitable refreshment area for your customers!