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A vending machine telemetry system is designed to monitor and collect real-time data on the operations and performance of both freestanding and table top vending machines.

This type of system offers numerous benefits, including improved operational efficiency, more effective preventive maintenance and more efficient stock management. 

Each telemetry system is usually developed on the basis of vending machine manufacturers' needs. 

Here below  some common features

Sales and inventory tracking: The system records sales transactions and keeps track of available inventory.  This allows vending machine operators to manage inventory efficiently, avoiding out-of-stocks or overcrowding situations.

Fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance: The system collects data on the status and performance of vending machines. This allows potential problems to be identified in advance, enabling operators to carry out preventive maintenance instead of urgent corrective action.

Energy management: Monitoring energy consumption allows the energy efficiency of vending machines to be optimized, reducing operating costs and contributing to the environment.

Consumer preference analysis: The system can collect data on consumers' purchasing preferences, in this way the operators can customize products to offer and improve customers’ satisfaction.

Remote communication: Allows operators to interact with vending machines remotely, updating prices, changing the product assortment or sending maintenance instructions.  It is fundamental to keep in mind that the telemetry system can’t replace the human operators mainly when technical problems must be fixed.    

Security: A telemetry system can contribute to the security of vending machines, for example, by providing real-time notifications in the event of unauthorized access or theft attempts.

Reporting and analysis: The system provides detailed reports and analysis of collected data, giving a complete overview of vending machine performance to guide business decisions. 

Integration with business systems: It can be integrated with other business systems, such as inventory management, billing and accounting.


The telemetry system on vending machines usually requires communication devices (e.g. cellular modems or Internet connections) and dedicated software.


It is also important to be aware of the security and protection of the data collected in order to guarantee consumers’ privacy.



Flymax started developing its telemetry system back in 2016 in order to be able to offer an innovative product to customers with a large number of vending machines. 

Flymax's system has all the features mentioned above, plus an intuitive interface.

The Flymax telemetry system software is developed for its vending machines, so it cannot be used on vending machines with a different electronic board.  

This is because the software is designed to be compatible with the software on the electronic boards of Flymax vending machines. 

Flymax’s telemetry  is not standard but it is made closely with the customer in order to provide him a system that completely fits with his needs. 




This technology developed by Flymax is mainly recommended for customers with a large number of vending machines in widely spaced areas.

As mentioned, this system can significantly reduce operating costs but must not replace  the human technician

Flymax recommends using this new technology for support, so that any errors and/or wear that may occur can be predicted over time.

Since it is not a small investment, Flymax suggests analyzing costs and benefits of this system in order to understand whether it could be useful for the management of your business.


If you have any doubts about this, don't worry, Flymax technicians will be on hand to guide you in your choice, all you have to do is contact them.