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What are the main innovative vending machine payment systems? 


In recent years, the vending machine industry has undergone a significant transformation thanks to the introduction of innovative payment systems.


These technologies have both simplified the customers’ purchasing process and opened up new business opportunities for vending machine operators. 


Here below  some of the most interesting innovative payment systems that are revolutionizing the vending industry.


1. Cashless payments:it allows consumers to use credit cards, debit cards, or even digital payments such as Apple Pay or Google Pay to make purchases quickly and securely.


2. NFC (Near Field Communication): NFC technology is gaining popularity in vending machines, allowing consumers to make payments by simply bringing their compatible device close to the machine's NFC reader. This payment method is extremely convenient and reduces waiting times, improving the overall customer experience.


3. Smartphone payments: With more and more people using smartphones for everyday financial transactions, vending machines are adopting solutions that allow customers to pay using their banking apps or digital wallets. This offers greater flexibility to consumers and encourages them to use vending machines more frequently.


4. QR code payments: QR codes are becoming increasingly common in vending machines, allowing consumers to make quick, cashless payments by simply framing the QR code with their smartphone camera and confirming the transaction.


How Flymax has responded to these new trends 

In order not to be unprepared for the new market requirements, Flymax decided to keep up with the times by making its vending machines compatible with the payment systems most commonly used by its customers without disrupting their aesthetics.


The vending machines are compatible with the MDB and Executive protocols, and where there is no space already provided for the payment system, as, for example, on table top models, Flymax has always tried to find alternative solutions to meet the needs of its customers. 

This was the case, for example, with an English customer who wanted to install the credit card reader payment system on the front of the Revolution Gk model.

As far as freestanding models are concerned, Flymax dispensers are already prepared, even at chassis level, to accommodate innovative payment systems such as the credit card reader. 


vending machine with card reader


card reader


In conclusion, the payment systems mentioned above are revolutionizing the vending machine sector, offering consumers more convenient and secure options for making purchases. 


Vending machine operators who adopt these technologies can benefit from increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction. 


If you require more information about payment systems compatible with Flymax models, please do not hesitate to contact us.