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Breakfast vending machines are conceived to dispense a variety of breakfast drinks automatically. These vending machines can be found in places such as offices, schools, hotels,hospitals ... to offer quick and convenient breakfast options. 


Before understanding how they work, it is necessary to make some distinctions between both table top and freestanding models and fully soluble or coffee group dispensers.

The former are those that require a stand, such as a piece of furniture, in order to be installed, while the latter can be placed directly on site where there is  an electrical outlet and/or water connection. 

The second distinction is between soluble and grounded coffee + soluble models.

With instant machines the operator must use only soluble products, including coffee, while the grounded coffee dispensers have an espresso group and  some soluble canisters usually for tea, milk and chocolate. 

For some years now, the replacement of powdered milk with fresh milk has been gaining ground and manufacturers have been obliged to follow this new trend by developing automatic mechanisms to froth milk.

The goal to reach is a cappuccino the same as the one you can drink at the bar but in other areas such as:  office, home, school, work. 

These types of machines, mostly table tops, require the installation of a refrigerator near the machine so that the milk can be stored at the most appropriate temperature. 

Fresh milk can be mounted or by a steam wand (like the one found in bar machines) or by  an automatic mechanism that changes according to the machine brand.

Let’s discover all the models that Flyamx has conceived for breakfast time. 




Beyond its standard table top “”coffee-models” ( for ex. F050 machine) Flymax has developed a Juice machine model : F3 REVO JUICE both with Glass Keyboard and Touch screen.

This innovative system, that has been described in one of our last articles, dispenses concentrated juice mixed with water. Either the dose of Juice and water can be easily set and adjusted by the programming to achieve the result required by the customer. 

Fresh milk coffee machines: REVOLUTION GK FM has  1 espresso group, 3 soluble canisters and a fresh milk system. 

Instant machines (only soluble products) for a large audience: PRINCY these models are conceived to meet the needs of a large audience in a specific time frame, for example the breakfast service within a rest home or a hospital.

They are usually not shown to end customers but are used by specialized operators. They are equipped with a bigger boiler that guarantees high performance satisfying a lot of users in a short time.

We would like to remind you that the most of Flymax’s table top models can be changed to fully soluble dispensers

These mentioned above are only some of the models offered by Flymax, the options may vary depending on the location of the vending machine and the preferences of the owners or operators. 

The main goal of these vending machines is to provide a quick and convenient breakfast for people on the move or in locations where a traditional breakfast option may not be available.

If you would like to discover all our breakfast proposals, do not hesitate to contact us!