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As we have already explained in the previous article of our blog, Flymax has taken part to the just ended exhibition Venditalia that host 300 exhibiting companies in a general climate of optimism proved by 20000 visitators. The foreseeable lower number of the foreign visitators, above all overseas, has been caused by the health limitations of some countries but it has been rebalanced by the presence of high-profile Italian and European operators.

Even if the interest for Flymax products has been for the whole range, the models with the touch screen and the capacitive keyboards have been much appreciated and also the automatic machine model for herbal tea, developed a few years ago, has had a particular success.


The coffee brewer, Fymax’ flagship, has been modified for the supply of herbal teas and infusions developing the automatic tea machine F300 T that has two modified coffee brewers, 6 canisters for different types of herbal teas, two canisters for sugar and brown sugar and it is able to supply tasty herbal tea drinks.


Nowadays the passion for herbal teas has extended also to wellness field where it is often included in the offers for the customers of Spa and fitness centres.

Indeed, the attention for the well being is getting higher and higher and for everyone who drinks no coffee the herbal teas are the best alternative.

Herbal teas exploit the specific effects of herbs, spices, fruit, flowers and medicinal plants, becoming a simple panacea for health in all seasons.

Closing your eyes and drinking them, your mind can migrate to delightful thoughts, dreamful landscapes, relaxing atmospheres and refuges for your imagination.

They aren’t magic potions, but they can be the right and sweet cure for many problems, the right remedy to purify, recover energy and fight against stress.


Flymax that always looks after their customers and the new market trends has been able to develop an automatic machine for high-quality herbal teas to be supplied quickly and at any time of the day offering relaxing moments.


Therefore, an alternative, avant-garde, high quality product.


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Flymax Team